Gastro-Botanica Gastro-Botanica cuisine, invented by Chef Jason Tan, is based on Contemporary French technique with global ingredients and influences. Gastro-Botanica seamlessly interweaves nuances of the East and West, presenting a gastronomic experience of carefully sourced and prepared premium vegetables, meats and seafood, where botanical elements of vegetables, tubers, herbs, spices and fruits are given prominence and special elaboration on the plate. Gastro-Botanica 2.0 is based on the original cuisine while elevating the role of botanicals. With Version 2.0, Chef Jason introduces the Gastro-Botanica Essences – La Symphonie de Légumes; meatless base sauces made from pure botanical extractions and reductions that serve the purpose of flavouring dishes. It marks a radical departure from the foundational ‘mother sauces’ of French haute cuisine, and paves the way for further innovation. Gastro-Botanica 2.0